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They gave us Hope /// We gave them our Trust!

November 1, 2009

Who are these people we Americans have elected to Congress, the Senate and the Presidency.  Who are they … are they alliens? … well they act more and more like alliens every day!  They are hopelessly out of touch and out of their minds.  They act like they do not even know us, the American people.  They are a real embarrassment to all of us here as well as around the World.

Obama … has gone out of his way apologizing for America (what an unbelievable thing for a President to do).  Nancy Pelosi acts like she is on drugs 99% of the times.  Harry Reid is completely out of touch.  Who are these morons now running our country?  These people are  out to control and regulate every aspect of our lives.  They are interested in one thing and one thing only  … they want to own each and every single one of us, right down to the way we live and the way we think.  They want to destroy the free enterprise system.

2010 is shaping out to be a very interesting year with a number of democrats who are up for reelection … lets show them how we feel. Let’s show them there are more of us, then there are of them … let’s show them who is really in charge here!

Lets put our democratic process to the test.  Lets send Obama a message that we are not interested in his dictatorship policies and we love America just the way it is … let’s tell him he can keep the CHANGE!