Hello America; Hello 9-12 Moms, you know who you are!

Hope you had a pleasant day.  There is so much going on, I can hardly list all of it.

1) We have Al Gore in the news because it seems he cannot stand anyone who might go against his “inconvenient” truth — that has now been established as a lie.

2) It is snowing in several northern towns, yes, it is snowing in the month of October setting new records … and people can’t believe that Al Gore and the Obama Administration want the world to think Global Warming is for real.

3) The WhiteHouse is trying to make people think that Fox News … the only channel reporting the real news is bogus.  That they are plain entertainment and do not report the real news.  LOL …  Are these people working at the White House for real???  You can’t be serious!!!

4) The controversy over President Obama’s Nobel Price for Peace continues … parents now say their kids can have their high school diplomas several years before they earn them … just because they trust that they will do good and will eventually graduate.

5) Conservatives are upset at Obama, the military is upset with Obama, the gay people are upset with Obama … Nancy Pelosi is upset with Obama … the 9-12 tea party people are definitely upset with Obama … is there anyone happy with his policies?  I think not.  Obama think s he can lie his way out of anything by making promises and then just not doing anything at all.  Is this leadership???

6) Our soldiers continue to wait for reinforcements in Afghanistan while the President savors his Nobel Price for Peace without sending any additional troops … that is wrong on so many different levels … even worse it is plain evil!  It is time for the moms of our military personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq to show their disgust with what is going on during this administration.  It is plain revolting!!!

7) President Obama should frame his Nobel Price with a nice red matted frame.  His favorite color (Red has always been a favorite with Communists).  Red will also remind him of all the blood that has been shed by our troops while he plays golf, enjoys nice meals, spends over a million dollars only if you take into account the cost for Air Force One to fly to Copenhagen …  and let’s not forget the applause s and Nobel Price from supporters … while our troops wait for help to be sent as requested.

8) Does it ever occur to you how Mr. Gore and President Obama think nothing of hopping on a plane and flying across the world, leaving a huge carbon print … with all that waste but President Obama says that leaving your air-conditioner at anything lower than 78 is a sin!!! Sure … we understand that the rules only apply to the little people in America.  The elite … oh well, they would not be the elite if they were not allowed to have a little bit of luxury along the way!

Well … by now the reader can tell how fed up I am with this administration.  I think it is time that all of us Moms get together and go show the politicians our complete and total disapproval of their policies.

We want less Government intervention, more freedom and more support for our troops.  We want President Obama and friends at the White House to forget about changing the words they use to describe things;  example — War on terror = Overseas contingency plan … What is that ???? Ridiculous!!! No other way to describe it!  “Bail Out” = Safety Net … Now we have heard everything.  Do they really think that the intelligent American public is going to fall for that kind of nonsense.  Think again Mr. President!!!


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