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Hello world!

October 11, 2009

Hello America – Today and everyday I will talk to Moms, just like me … it is about time that someone listens to Moms … they are the women with the most important job in America … do not let anyone tell you otherwise.  We are entrusted with the hearts and minds of our children (America’s future).  Liberals have been trying to tell us all that they have all the important jobs because they went to the best Universities in the Country and they have acquired the most knowledge.  What they neglect to tell you is that they also acquired a great deal of bad habits, and liberal views along the way.  It is time that us Moms get back to basics.  It is time we put all those childless liberal women in their true place.  Alone and bitter … they fill their lives with what we would call garbage because they have very little to do other than try to put other people down.  We now feel empowered.  When one of them dears to ask “What do you do?” Look at her straight in the eye and just say, I am a mom and I consider my job the most important and rewarding in the world!

Moms are usually busy running around and trying to save the world.  We are sometimes called to act like super-women with a list of projects and things that must be accomplished in one day.  Do you ever stop to see what is going on around you?  Well, maybe it is time you do.  Life is changing in this country, little by little and day by day.  The CHANGE Obama promised is beginning to show.  Obama is seen in a video in November 2008 addressing the cheering crowds and saying that we are just days away from “FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”

The change he had in mind is so incredibly drastic that if left unchecked it could mean the end of Capitalism, which in turn would totally destroy the incredible sources of opportunity that have always made this country great.  Sure Communism sounds good on paper … and interestingly enough, it is being taught in many of our institutions of higher learning as a way to achieve equality among people.  That sounds great, doesn’t it? The only thing is that when it is put into practice it does not work.  As many of you may remember, it did not work in the Soviet Union, it has not worked in Cuba, and it is not working in Venezuela or North Korea and several other countries around the globe.

People from all of these countries are known to have escaped or walked away from the system.  Why … you may ask, why if all people are equal, that sure sounds like the best system of all??? Well, the reason why is that human nature goes against equality.   The elite (in this case those in charge in the Country) always want to control the lives of others because they feel they know what is best for them. There will always be those who excel because they are smarter, or try harder than others, people like this cannot live in a Communist regime unless they are one of the select few at the top of the scale.  The other (very ugly) side of the issue is that when Communism is established in a country one no longer has the ability to choose.  Freedom erodes.  Communism takes all those possibilities away.  The Government suddenly dictates your every move and only a select few at the very top of the social sphere get to enjoy the good things.

People like the Obama’s, Speaker Pelosi and all the other “so called liberals” in Congress who would like nothing better than to establish that type of government in this country, so they can rule indefinitely and continue to enjoy the perks of their “elite” status.  As you can see with the now famous Health Care Bill debate, the members of Congress will not be covered under the plan.  Why, you may ask, if it is supposed to be as good for America as a whole?  Well … the reason is that they have the best health insurance in the country right now and they are not willing to give it up.  They will never have to wait to get an appointment with a doctor, or wait months to have critical surgery performed, or go through all the issues facing all of us in our normal lives.  They are part of the “elite.”  Things like this do not affect them.

The reason why they refuse to read the bills is that they do not want to be held responsible for the things they pass.  They make those bills over 1,000 pages long and complicated with legal terms, just so no one understands them.  They do not want the bills posted on line for one reason and one reason only … they do not want the American public to know what is in them (it is that simple).  This should concern us all.  These “elite” legislators who have been in charge way beyond the time that should be allowed for any human being to be in charge of anything want to have total and complete control of our every move.  What better way than passing this health-care bill that no one of average intelligence can read or much less understand? Oh … and on top of that, they then add hundreds of amendments to each bill, making it virtually impossible for even those in Congress who may oppose them to keep track of what is going on!

This health-care bill is just one more thing they will implement in order to control the lives of the American people.  “Cap and Trade” or “Tax and Cap” as I like to call it is another perfect example.  The people in the middle, those of us in the “middle class” (the people Obama swore not to raise taxes to) will be the ones most impacted by this bill.  The very rich will not even feel it and the poor, well … they are already poor so they have very little to offer.

Obama is also on the record (at plain view in a film that I saw with my own eyes) saying that under the Cap and Trade system people’s electric bills will necessarily skyrocket.  What does that mean to you?  What it means is that you will pay a great deal more than you do today.  Why does this matter, because you and your children will all of the sudden live to pay your electric or gas bill (the two things, we unfortunately cannot live without).  Obama is also very slowly taking power away from the established Congress/Senate type of system we have and giving most of the power to his Czars.  Should you care to check, you will see that Czars appointed by Obama now control just about everything in this country, there are more than 32 Czars, I have lost count myself, who can keep up with it.

Did you hear about the controversy with our new school Czar?  Mr. Kevin Jennings (look him up), he is a very well accredited educator, he is also someone who endorses books like “Queering Elementary Education” — he wrote the foreword for the book.  He also advised a 15 year old kid to wear a condom when the kid confessed to him that he was having sexual relations with an adult man.  Do you consider this normal behavior?  Mr. Jennings also talked about his drug use in a very positive manner in one of his earlier books.  It is out there for anyone to read and could fall in the hands of young students causing them to see this as normal behavior.  This man is now our “Safe Schools Czar,” is this a cause of concern? Out of the many, many great educators in this country, why did Obama choose this man for the job?  Could there have been someone just a little less controversial than Mr. Jennings? … You can look him up in the Wikipedia … you will be amazed! Did you know that October is now the month when we celebrate LGBT History month in public schools, and that President Barack Obama declared June 2009 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Pride Month on June 1, 2009.

You would also be well advised to look at the financial stability of the US after this administration continued with the never ending spending, we rank really low compared to the rest of the world, so low that we are below countries like Chile, Mexico and Brazil.  This should be a concern to all of us.  The value of our dollar is dropping as we speak and our money will soon be worthless.  All of these issues that I have mentioned should concern parents because their children will have to live with the future that is now being created for them.  Our taxes will go up, the cost of living will go up, and inflation will be the norm and not the exception.  Our lives are about to get really difficult.  Meanwhile the Obama administration continues to redistribute the wealth of this country by giving it to those who never cared to go out and work for a living.  Social justice, they call it.

Please look up the meaning of “Social Justice,” (I did) and you will see what it means.  To make things easier on you, if you are not sure where to look (all you have to do is Goggle it), you will see that it basically means Communism.  Every time you hear this word … just remember where we are headed.  You are well advised to inform yourselves with the facts, do not take my word for it … simply look things up and see where that leads you.

You will be in shock … wake up America … our children lives are at stake here.  Soon enough all caring moms will go to Washington D.C. to show their disgust with everything that is going on in America today.  Would you care to join us?  If you do … please let us know and we will provide further details.